How To Choose A Birthday Party Venue For Your Children

Are you thinking about choosing a birthday party venue for your child’s upcoming celebration? The majority of parents choose to host birthday parties at facilities that are outdoors because they either do not want to place the responsibility of the party’s entertainment in the hands of someone else, or they do not have enough space in their homes to accommodate guests.

The majority of cities have options for birthday venues for children parties. It does not matter whether your child wants to eat pizza, go bowling or bounce in an inflatable house. They may even want to compete with their friends in a laser tag game. Venues like Laser Quest are the perfect venues for laser tag games. Fortunately, there is likely a venue in your local area that will help make your child’s dreams a reality.

The following are some tried and true options for birthday venues, as well as locations you may have never considered. In fact, you may be able to build your child’s theme around the venue you choose.

Time Tested Birthday Venue Options

The birthday party venues on this list have proven to be crowd pleasers, and are some of the most popular choices for children parties. In addition, almost every community has at least one of these venues:

Pizza parlors
Bowling alleys
Mini golf courses
Ice-skating rinks
Bounce houses
Laser Tag facilities
Fire stations

Nature Venues

If you are planning a party during the warmer months, your child may prefer to have a birthday celebration outside. The guests can celebrate the event and nature at the same time.

The following venues will help make it easier for your child to connect with nature:

Horse ranches that also provide riding lessons
Public gardens

Budget Venues

Are you looking for an inexpensive or free way to celebrate your child’s birthday? These are some budget-friendly options:

School gyms
Public parks
School track
Creative Venues

There are some parents or guardians who plan birthday parties that allow children to learn a new skill or learn more about the world they live in. The following venues are ideal for children who prefer to think outside of the box:

Craft stores
Art galleries
Science centers
Painting studios
Ballet studios
Civic facilities
Tea houses that host tea parties
Candy shops
Cooking schools
Music studios
Educational farms (farm schools)

Active Venues

Do you have a child that wants to get all of his or guests moving during the party? If so, select a venue that promotes physical fitness like:

Karate facilities
Tennis courts
Dance studios
Gymnastic facilities
Swimming pools
Indoor soccer fields
Hockey rinks
Yoga studios
Batting cages
Golf courses
Transportable gyms

Seasonal Venues

Depending on the time of year, you may want to choose a venue that celebrates the season along with your child’s birthday. Examples of these types of venues are:

Corn mazes
Pumpkin patches
Ski resorts
Ski lodges
Sledding hills

Begin your search for the perfect birthday venue by brainstorming with your child. Be sure to book any popular venues early to ensure it will be available on the date you will need it. Your venue possibilities will derive from their interests, your budget and their preferences and needs.