An Introduction To The City Of Ten Thousand Buddhas

The religion of Buddhism is widespread, encompassing nearly 500 million practitioners worldwide. There are many famous Buddhist temples located in countries such as Vietnam, Japan, and China. There is one in the United States, in Northern California, that is well known by those that practice Buddhism. It is called The City Of Ten Thousand Buddhas, a place that has been providing a safe location for Buddhists since the 1970s. Originally constructed on the site of the Mendocino County asylum, this beautiful location now presents a much more peaceful atmosphere. Here is a quick introduction to The City Of Ten Thousand Buddhas, a destination that you will enjoy visiting.

How Did This Get Started?

A Buddhist by the name of Hsuan Hua is the originator of this Buddhist community. It has many different structures including a monastery, restaurant, and different places for meditation. It is positioned close to Ukiah, and there are monks from Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, and many other locations. This was chosen by Hsuan Hua after he had visited this region of California multiple times. His objective was to create what would be considered a center for world Buddhism. The goal was to create an international Orthodox monastery, specifically designed to increase public awareness of this religion.

What You Can Expect When You Visit?

Perhaps the most intriguing location is the Jeweled Hall of 10,000 Buddhas. This was completed in the early 1980s. Its iconic portrayal of the bodhisattva, standing 20 feet tall, is amidst 10,000 images of the Buddha. There are different places to worship including the Tathāgata monastery, the Bell and Drum House, and the Great Compassion Courtyard. This large community, situated on nearly 500 acres of ground, provides many places to walk and meditate. Of interest is the Hall of words, a place for disciples and also contains the Abbott’s quarters. There is also a restaurant, a university, and many other unique locations.

Guiding Principles And Customs

This monastery is set up to house both men and women in different locations. It is based upon monastic principles, all designed for spiritual development. The principles emphasize the absence of selfishness, greed, and the ability to always tell the truth. It is also going to motivate people to practice living a life that is absent personal pursuits. Modest clothing will be warned, and both ceremonies and meals are attended by men and women in different locations as well. Overall, it is a well-balanced community, designed to enhance the lives of those that attend through the teachings of the Buddha.

Visitors to this pristine destination will definitely be intrigued by its beauty and natural order. The monks that are there are well practiced, living lives that are based upon Buddhist principles. If you have wanted to consider this type of life, this would be a good place to start. It is also certainly worth visiting. It is one of the few destinations in the United States that has such an elaborate commemoration of the Buddha and also the teachings that he represented.